Nightly dreams are something we share in common. We all dream every night. it’s happening whether we are present to it or not, like breathing. We are guided in our dreams. It is in dreams that we have a safe space to explore. Our dreams are true, through symbolism. Our dreams are available to help us solve problems, attain goals and find peace.

Decoding and discussing dreams is ancient practice for humans. I am certified in dream interpretation as I find the process valuable and critical to my wellbeing.  The dream types – flying, falling, recurring, prophetic, visitation, lucid, even nightmares – and the sacred dream symbols have me fascinated. To help ease, decipher and optimize your dream experience, I have created DREAM sessions and video tips to share the tools I use with you.

 I often hear about trouble remembering dreams. There is a major payoff for the patience and consistency that helps with recall. Dreams reveal our unconscious patterns of behavior. Deciphering dreams provides FREE therapy. Journaling, discussing the details of dreams with a trusted source or even using body memory of sleeping positions can help us to remember.

Dream-time rituals can assist us in sleeping peacefully. Our body has a rhythm: temperature, light and energy all affect that rhythym. Natural moonlight will help us rest, as will wearing socks while we sleep. Certain herbs like lavendar or lady’s mantle in a small bundle under our pillow or by our bed can help us rest. Cover bedroom mirrors with a scarf and close closet doors. Electronics will interfere with rest so keep phones on airplane mode and far from the bed versus on a bedside table. Better yet: we can learn to wake at an appointed time. No need to rely on a daily alarm!

Rest easy knowing that dreams are an asset and nothing to fear. For children – and parents – that’s often a wonderful revelation.

Sweet dreams, JOYConnectors.