I have long feared the dark. A power outage, store closings, bedtime, and the movie theater posed a threat to my childhood ideas of safety. I couldn’t see what was out there. The blackness cloaked my throat and could hold my voice captive. But morning time – sunrise – has always been MY time! It is blissful to watch the sun greet the day.

I know darkness: the darkness of my heart, the corners of my mind, the power of my ego. I have found an amicable functioning relationship with darkness. My first attempt is RUN, but the ego is only persistent and destructive when ignored. When I acknowledge and accept it, I can decide to support my self with the best next course of action.   I step INTO the Light. I fight for it. I seek it. I KNOW it. And THAT is some kind of JOY! It is available to us every day and in any given situation.

Be with your fear – your darkness – and it becomes common, small. Here you are again, Fear. Message received. You are seen, you are heard. Now, I DECIDE to step forward into the light.

Here’s the trick:

Encouraging words make all the difference when facing fear.

Even if you believe the fear is stronger than you are, tell yourself that you BELIEVE in YOU. Be Kind.

I Love You – You’ve GOT this!   That’s my go-to message when I’m facing fear.

We know the darkness and we emerge into the LIGHT: again and again and again. THAT is some kind of JOY!