When my friend called to tell me she had cancer, I was stunned speechless. With a steady voice, she shared that she was confident in her doctors’ care, her ability to recover and the support of her community. She told me her surgery was in a few weeks, where her husband and parents would be by her side. I considered our friendship – more than ten years filled with laughter, love and tears between us.  What could I do for her in this moment?

When in doubt, offer it up

Remembering some years prior, my uncle was rushed into immediate brain surgery for an aneurysm. The night of his surgery I walked into a church and found a group of women who were gathered in a circle. They linked arms and quietly meditated on a single thought for several minutes together. I joined them, asking to include my uncle with thoughts of peace. The power of that moment of peace left its mark. My uncle is still thriving almost fifteen years later.

I asked my friend if I could reach out to some of her close friends and family to hold thoughts for her swift recovery at the time of her surgery. She agreed, including her own words for us to consider. I reached out with these instructions and at the appointed time, I sat quietly in my favorite chair with loving, peaceful, hope-filled thoughts of my dear friend. I offered up my human limitation in search of grace. I thought of all of her friends and family sharing this same offering at this same moment. I thought of our faith in her, the love we share in our commitment and bond to her, and our power together in that FAITH and LOVE.

Here’s what I know – I’m limited in my power. Actively aligned with the power of LOVE, I have a daily opportunity for JOY.

Another JOY-filled memory: five years after that offering circle, my friend and I celebrated her birthday, cancer-free.