What qualities inform the voice?

I get anxiety and the fear will catch in my throat. Sometimes, I’ll try to make a sound – a declartion, share a clear thought – and I feel weight on my chest. I struggle to take the deep breaths that will calm my nervous system and lower my heart rate. My voice is high and tight.

Ahh, the sweet JOYFUL relief when I finally let go and let any sound out in those fearful moments!

What am I holding back – where does my voice originate?

 “shhhhh…Speak softly.”

Trapped emotions over time can create illness: physically, mentally, emotionally. I make noise and I move: I dance, I sing, I hum. I let sound escape and it makes what I’m working through easier.

When I’m grounded, my voice is low, loud and clear. It comes from a place deep within. Last year, I took singing lessons and learned to pull the sound up from the soles of my feet, my pelvis, the base of my lungs.  It’s an indicator for me that when my voice is high, I’m usually in FEAR, with shame and guilt driving my thoughts.

I focused my higher education studies on CommunicationsI wanted to better understand interpersonal connections, cooperation and negotation, language and misunderstanding . I took this education into a 20-year career in global consulting work, managing clients. A few years after I began, I decided to do something about my public speaking anxiety. I took on a role that required me to sell, coach and master Presentation Skills. I’ll never forget the first talk I gave at the company meeting, looking into the eyes of the company’s founder – smiles and cheers were my reward for all the sweating and stomach-tossing moments.

Hit the release valve – let the sound out

Voice is a vehicle. It carries thoughts, emotions, sounds, and our most powerful words. We can use our words for peace and we can use our words for destruction; choose them with care and you’ll live with more JOY. Voice physically transforms us – taking us from one place to another. Consider the power of our joined voices, lifting us up and changing the world.