What does it mean to be in service? The term plays a role in our art, in our work, in our community, in our politics, within our families. Does service need to be selfless or inconvenient in order to be ‘service’? I say no. Still, It is important that we first understand our true motivations in service. Strictly speaking helping or doing work for others is the description of service.

As I was developing JOYConnector – and before that, Red Shoes Dance Co. – I sought to answer the question WHY.  I asked myself what is the mission I’m serving in forming this business. Stepping outside in the sunlight, laughing through tears, listening to learn and meditating all serve my mission. My mission is dedicated in service to finding JOY in the every day moments of our lives. In what ways do YOU serve your personal mission? The more aligned our actions are to our personal mission, the nearer we are to JOY.

My cat has kidney failure. She returned home from a stay with the vet this week and gave me a new appreciation for sharing in her life. The service I acknowledge is that I can’t keep her alive but I can honor and appreciate her completely.

Think of all the ways we honor our families, our friendships, our partners and ourselves. There are a dozen simple ways we can be of service to our bodies – in motion, in giving our eyes a rest from technology, in earlier bedtimes, hot baths and foot rubs, and in one of my favorite ways: food prayers. Take a moment before each meal to give thanks for the food on your plate to all who grew it, picked it, prepared it and for the ability to take nourishment.   Consistently taking that 30 seconds to give thanks before each meal will improve your relationship to food (our medicine) – period.


What is your favorite way to be in service?