On a sunny Sunday, I hit the road upstate for a hike with some friends. Amid laughter and song, we scaled the rocks and scrambled our way to the top of a mountain. There we found a flat peak with some rocks and we paused to take in the view. THIS is why we set out today: to feel the awe and connection with this beautiful majesty, our Mother Earth. Here in nature, it’s easier to remember who we truly are and let go of who we are not.

We transmute our fear, our anger, our “not-enough-ness” into acceptance and then, we surrender. We let it go. When we feel and release whatever is bothering us, it doesn’t follow us around like a dark cloud. It passes through us providing RELIEF. We feel delicious relief from the freedom of our own minds and opening of our hearts.This gratitude gives way to JOY.

 When we focus on what IS working, on what IS fun – we are IN JOY! Being in that JOY attracts more joy, it attracts kind acts and compliments, it attracts smiles and checks in the mail and other juicy surprises! Joy is contagious because we serve as a mirror for others and our shared inner truth. That is, we are beings of LOVE and LIGHT.

 We all want to live a life of love and contentment. It starts with finding the courage to acknowledge and see through our fear. There we claim our personal power as we see our true selves. JOY is meaningful to share because it’s the most authentic and beautiful YOU!

 We each acknowledged our moment of truth on the mountain by tossing a rock off of the peak, as a symbol of what we’re letting go of that no longer serves us. Leave a comment below – what are your rituals for letting go? What are you leaving behind that no longer serves you?