Tell me a story

I LOVE a good story – it’s intimate, it’s artful, it’s innately human. Storytelling has been going on for centuries across cultures and passed down from one generation to the next. Consider that we take on the story of who we are, of how we came to be, of our names, of our histories. Our personal awareness of the stories we adopt as our own, and where we hold those stories in our bodies, is a critical tool to freedom and happiness.

I am one who…

We tell ourselves ”I can’t do that because I’m (fill in the blank)…”

Perhaps it’s our title at work – or our title at home – that we hold close.

Maybe it’s the story we tell ourselves about someone else like “We ended our relationship because (s)he…”

These stories may serve us for a while. They may serve to protect us from trying something new or meaningful, teaching us to grow.   These stories are not our essential truth. The truth is that anything is possible: ANY-THING.

We are constantly changing.

We create whatever we conceive and believe.

The human heart will suffer.

We do our best at times to not live life

– We have cultivated a sophisticated map of distractions –

but human suffering will occur.

We hold the weight and negative impact of our stories in our bodies. The injuries, the traumas and the emotions we vainly tried to avoid live on in our bodies. They are trapped in our minds and in the tightness of the back, the aching shoulders, the upset stomach, the weight on the hips, the clenched jaws, the throbbing temples, the heavy heart…and so on. At any time we choose, we can CHANGE the stories we tell ourselves to:

We ARE the kind of people who…

We CAN change the self- sabotaging ways…

We ARE meant to be FREE and JOY-ful…

We have ALL that we need available to us in order to live our best lives.

When you’re ready to get off the merry-go-round, get up and MOVE. Jump, shake your arms, wiggle your hips, stomp your feet. Look at your fear and MOVE through it. Tell yourself: I am trying something different today. I’m facing this pain and allowing it to move through me. I’m letting go and creating a NEW story of:

            How I got strong

            How I got free

            How I learned the truth of who I am

            How I learned to get up one more time

Now what’s your story, JOYConnector?  Leave me a comment below.