Feeling heart-weary and worn down? My top 10 JOY list to boost your mood from blue to blissful.

  1. Move it! Dance is the universal language of mind, body and spirit. Turn on music and let your body move…YES, you are doing it right. Sweat but don’t sweat the details.

  2. Think a couch surfing-TV marathon weekend will cure your blues? Studies indicate it has the opposite effect. Instead try spending an unstructured day wandering a nearby city or town with loved ones – called “Active Recovery” – which serves to bust stress and lift your mood.

  3. Hug and Kiss – grab your loved ones and plant one on ‘em! Give your loved ones a good squeeze and bring on the feel-good hormone of oxytocin. Good for you, good for them (Bonus!).

  4. Make a Gratitude List – Gratitude replaces sadness and makes EVERYTHING better. Make counting your blessings a daily activity and watch all of your life improve; your relationships, your career and your dreams will thrive and blossom.   It’s MAGIC.

  5. Get down with Nature. Whether you sit in the park or on your back porch, get outside. Lay in the grass, look up at the sky, listen to the birds and the leaves rustle in the trees. Drink in the beauty and know you’re a part of something bigger than your current concerns.

  6. Bond with your pet. Don’t have a furry companion? Borrow a friend’s pup, head to the dog park and enjoy the unrestricted joy in puppy playtime (Bonus! you just did your friend a favor).

  7. Write a thank you note.  Whether you send a quick “thinking of you” note to an old friend or a dear relative, you are guaranteed to feel better thinking of the smile you’ll give to the recipient (Bonus! Write that sweet note of appreciation to YOURSELF and celebrate how far you’ve come).

  8. Laugh-attack: Laughter reduces stress and improves your immune system. Having a hard time finding the humor in your situation?   Even ‘forced laughter’ improves mood and lowers blood pressure. Try a quick YouTube clip from your favorite movie.

  9. It’s playtime! Adult coloring books topped the Amazon Best-Seller list this spring. See the world through the eyes of a child for a moment and prepare for utter transformation.

  10. Create a playlist of your favorite go-to songs that make you bounce, smile and sing along. Here are a few of mine:

    • Uptight (Everything’s Alright) – Stevie Wonder

    • Move on Up – Curtis Mayfield

    • Good Times – Chic

    • Three Little Birds – Bob Marley & the Wailers

    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

Feeling better yet? Leave a comment below, sharing your favorite blues buster.