I work one on one and in groups

Photo by Jaimie Baird
Photo by Jaimie Baird
Photo by Jaimie Baird

Here’s what it looks like.

We meet in person or over Skype. I connect to you, to what I see, feel, and hear. I will guide you through the process, scan your body, identify blocks and share with you what I see. And boy is there a lot to see.



I’m part executive coach, part medicine woman, part medium healer.

I bring practical application to what is, let’s face it, a very ethereal and esoteric art form. And I do it in many ways, drawing on all sorts of tools, as the situation calls for it. While an acupuncturist uses needles, I may use oil or herbs though mainly, just my hands or my voice.



Think of me as a kind of divining rod.

I can channel what’s going on in your body now, as well as in your life, or lives as it were—this one and the past ones. I take a holistic view, and assess what is going on with you energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. I see beyond your current form and function, and I connect with the “ascended masters” on your behalf, and that can mean anyone from Jesus to the Buddha to your grandmother, as well as angels, spirit animals—anyone with something to tell you, something that you supports you best today or that you need to hear.

I know it sounds a little out there and unfamiliar, but I promise you is that this is grounded very much in your body and your life—and you’ll know it because of how it feels to experience it. And it feels amazing. It is the truth as you’ve never heard it.  Like everything is clicking into place. Which it is—you just didn’t realize it.

All faith is personal. So rest assured, I’m not going to tell you who to believe in. The only thing you need to have some kind of faith in is something that matters outside of yourself. Because that connection is where the magic happens.

Photos by Jaimie Baird