Great for first-timers who want to experience energy healing and the potential for real joy. Prepare to feel a palpable shift in your energy. In just one 60-minute session, you will get a better sense of what blocks are in your way, what tools you can use to make better decisions. The intuitive reading that will yield some key insights and even perhaps some messages from beyond. You will leave rejuvenated and more peaceful than when you walked in.

Critical Shift

You want to stay sharp, focused and on track with your life goals—but you worry about making the wrong decision. You’re losing more than a little sleep over it. You want clarity—and a boost of confidence. This package is designed to keep you resilient in the face of everyday challenges and keep you moving toward your goals.


Deep Healing

Whether you’re looking to make a major career change or looking for love, you know you need to make some key shifts in your mental, emotional, and spiritual life—you just aren’t sure what they are. Or, you may have suffered a stunning loss or fearful diagnosis, perhaps the end of a relationship. Now’s the time for transformation and support. Over the course of five sessions, you will not only experience a radical shift in perspective, you’ll deepen and heighten your intuition. In short, you’ll become more capable of making critical changes—and increase your capacity for joy.

Monthly Tune-up

Once you make an important shift, you not only feel powerful—you feel ready for the next one. And let’s face it: A lot can happen in a month. The monthly tune-up option gives you the opportunity to keep yourself focused, strong, and attuned as you gain momentum toward your next big step, no matter what happens along the way. You’ll not only make positive, powerful shifts, but you will be able to sustain those efforts all year long.