.... She has a way of looking into your soul, helping you understand your feelings in a meaningful way, then providing sound advice to help guide you through any situation. When you leave her, you have clear intentions and a renewed sense that you can conquer anything. I consider her a rare combination of an empath, a healer, and a life coach all wrapped up in one incredibly powerful package.
— Melanie Watterberg

"deeply analytical, yet intuitive"

Chris combines qualities that would seem impossible for a single person to possess. Deeply analytical, yet intuitive. Strong and uncompromising, yet compassionate and open to new possibilities. Not a day passes since I started working with Chris that I don’t either quote her to others or hear her voice guiding me with wisdom, understanding and insight. I can attribute most of my personal growth over the past months to having the good fortune of having worked with Chris.
— Saul H. Finkelstein, Esq.

"Generous and INTUITIVE soul"

I first heard about Chris through a community I am a part. Then I had the opportunity to meet her in person. What I found was a warm, generous and intuitive soul. I’ve also had the privilege of having a reading with Chris. What I discovered through the reading has had a great and beautiful impact on my life trajectory, both personally and professionally speaking. She went above and beyond as she shared valuable messages that connected to me on a spiritual and emotional level. Chris has a gift, one that brings a lot of peace to others. I would highly recommend her services.
— Priya Soni


Listing Chris’ many gifts is an impossible task. She is a true healer, one whose experience and knowledge come not from a book, a class, or from whatever wellness fad is trending. Chris shares her gift of joy because she too has visited the darker corners of the human experience and has come out the other side, exuding beauty and light. When one speaks to Chris there is no doubt she is listening. She is free of any agenda other than the pure desire to help and to heal, to give hope and to empower. I am endlessly grateful to have worked with Chris on both a personal and professional level. My life is better because of both. She is truly a rare gem.
— Caedlighe Paolucci

"You hang on every word"

Chris is the person you didn’t know you needed - until you quickly realize you can’t live without her. She listens with every cell in her body so that when she speaks, you hang on every word, hoping to mentally transcribe and save each morsel of guidance. She has the ability to absorb what you are saying verbally but also what you aren’t saying through your energy, and process it both analytically and intuitively to deliver sound advice. Every session I have with Chris leaves me with a new found sense of clarity and confidence. I am thrilled that she offers her services over Skype because the work she brings out in me is truly the best quality.
— Natalie Kuhn


Working with Joy Connector had a great impact on my life. Not only because Chris is highly intuitive, empathetic channeler that shared spot-on messages, but also because she’s a fellow city girl who just gets it when it comes to conscious and connected approach to career, life and relationships. She’s a great listener and uses a combination of cards, crystals, essential oils and channeling to help you be the best version of yourself and make the best out of what’s going on in your life right now.
— Ksenia Avdulova

"I highly recommend her"

Chris is at the top of her field with the services she offers. She came to my new space upstate and within a couple hours the entire space had been energetically shifted and cleaned. I cannot tell you how safe and secure I feel in my home. She taught me how to maintain the good energy balance and it has made all the difference in the world. She is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her!
— Therese Plummer

"Heaven sent angel!!!"

Chris was a miracle in a time that was so difficult to me. I am a person that is a peace seeker and my heart and esteem had just been crushed. Chris was absolutely a Heaven Sent Angel!!! She brought so much peace and healing in our sessions. I felt such a shift after our second session. Chris, made herself available to me and was focused on me and my healing and I felt completely supported and loved.
— Kimberly Hopkins Bliss