Joy is the highest vibrational force that exists. It’s the ultimate power source. 

I was born in Shirley, a small mill town in Massachusetts in 1973. My father owned a business installing carpet and linoleum. My mother helped out in the business for a while, before she joined a local printing company to learn marketing and project management. I was and am the only one in my family to ever earn a degree—or to leave that little town. My family lineage is rife with abuse, addiction and chaos—which I not only worked hard to heal from, but which has informed my efforts and intuition in helping others suffering the same grief.

I started dancing when I was just two years old, and took classes up to five days a week until I started high school. Dance for me was something I trusted—I didn’t trust adults, or the things they said. I trusted how I felt, transported by music and movement and steps. It was my first concept of something bigger than me.  And so I did it all the time. I had early dreams of being a professional dancer, but I gave up on myself too soon.

At 41 years old, I had had a successful corporate career, and was working as client services director for a management firm, where I did coaching and sales—making more money than I ever had. But I wasn’t excited about it. Even the dance company I started as the dream I once loved failed to excite or engage me anymore. I was single, not even dating, but knew that I wanted to be a mother and that I one day would be.  

Photo by Jaimie Baird

Photo by Jaimie Baird

I’ve had visions my whole life, and have been visited by other beings, past loved ones, even angels, or spiritual beings not of this realm. In my morning meditations I would hear again and again “you are a healer,” with visions of my past experience in various healing modalities. In fact, at one point, I was even visited by my future unborn child (whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting in person yet!).  I was not pregnant at the time (which of course makes this all the more unbelievable). During this moment of deep meditation, I looked down and saw an image of this baby in my arms, and said, “This is my child.” It shocked me, to say the least. That baby has come to me again and again, and told me all kinds of things about my life, our life, even the baby’s father. I felt so oddly calm about it, and so sure that this is my future.

While this has not yet come to pass, the vision was so clear, and something I trusted more than anything. This felt like validation; it felt like purpose. I started working with people around mediumship and healing, started meditating more intensely.

In 2015, I resigned from my job and went into business for myself, to do this healing work full time, to share this gift with the world. To be in service as I know I’m meant to be—and which I’d been afraid to put out there before. I have a clear capacity to see the truth of a person and understand their circumstances. I understand pain—it’s not just my past experience; it’s my gift. 

Today, I work with a range of individuals, teach workshops, and help people find peace and comfort yes, but more importantly—joy. Because to me, joy is truth. It’s everything. And most importantly, it’s accessible and you can have it, feel it, and enjoy it right now. And I’m on a mission to help you do that.